Friday, May 31, 2013

Xtreme 'Practice' Hikes

Today, CFF provided us with the practice team hike schedule for the Xtreme Hike, and I'm excited to hit the trails ASAP.  Although, I really need to overcome my fear of heights and snakes between now and August!

June 29: Mount Pleasant near Buena Vista, VA (6mi)- a great way to kick-off hiking season!

Mt Pleasant (

July 13: Kennedy Peak near Luray, VA (8.5mi)-- unfortunately, we have a date with Jimmy Buffett in Virginia Beach, so we'll be missing this one.  Disappointed because it's on the same mountain as the Xtreme Hike-- we'll have to check it out on our own.

July 27: Three Ridges near Wintergreen Ski Resort (13.5mi)- based on reviews, a difficult upstream hike with rewarding waterfalls. Nothing is flat on this trail.

People do this for fun? (

August 17: Torry Ridge near Sherando Lake, VA (15mi)- looking forward to a dip in the lake after the hike!

Torry Ridge Rock Slide (courtesy of
WTF. (

September 7: McAfee Knob and Tinker Cliff near Roanoke, VA (19mi)- read that some of the best views on the AT can be found on this trail.

McAfee Knob (courtesy of

I've got a lot of training to do....

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