Thursday, July 18, 2013

10 Things I Learned on Dobie Mountain

#10 There's a secret date for hiking naked on the AT... but you can hike it in your underwear any day of the year.

#9 Bill Bryson’s description of the rat-infested AT shelters was vivid, accurate…and a nice place to stop for lunch.

#8 Make sure your bladder (aka: water sac) is full before hitting the trail.

#7  Bang rocks together, shout, make yourself look bigger, and try not to poop in your pants when you run into a bear.

#6  Apparently, I’m doing shots of Jack at the top of Three Ridges…and then hiking another 6 miles of

#5  I may not need sunscreen while hiking through the woods, but it comes in handy when drinking a post-hike beer at a picnic table in the middle of a field.

#4 I saw more animals in my yard this morning than I’ve seen on our last two hikes. Of course, I prefer our bunnies and squirrels to the bobcats, bears, and snakes we could potentially see.

#3  Hiking 31-miles in one day is the equivalent to running TWO marathons. Does this mean I can put a 52.4 bumper sticker on my car afterwards?

#2  Two months of walking everyday has really helped my endurance, and the hills are becoming much easier, BUT….

#1  I need to spend more time training on the stationary thing that you run on (aka: treadmill).  This week I’m hitting the workouts hard to prepare for our next hike.  Corey encouraged us to use muscle confusion during our workouts…and my muscles are totally perplexed.  Yesterday, they asked me why I was climbing the stairs of the West Broad Village parking garages.  (They asked me why the garages in front of Chuy’s and Kona Grill smell like a sewer too.)  Corey’s been warning us about Three Ridges, and I want to be ready on July 27.

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