Saturday, August 17, 2013


Here’s my day in a nutshell...

  • Woke up at 4am.
  • Got super-duper lost on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • Almost got divorced before sunrise.
  • Ate a disgusting Clif Bar (aren’t they all disgusting?), ran out water, and did a shot of Jack.
  • Hiked 16 miles in 8 hours.  (that blog post will be coming soon)
  • Drove back to Richmond and spent the next hour complaining about my feet and the hill that nearly broke me.
Di smoking me on the Hill of Doom

  • Got home and popped four blisters… and then popped another three on Di’s feet.
  • Crawled upstairs… and then crawled downstairs…repeatedly.
Finally crashed in bed with my laptop and noticed a new donation to our hike—from a total stranger.  Along with the donation, she wrote the following:

“My son has cf and I have been following your wonderful blog. Thanks for your fundraising efforts and good luck on the hike.”


This message really put my day and this hike into perspective. 

I have no idea what this mother and son must be going through every day, but my blisters pale in comparison.  My wrecked legs are a badge of honor.  If our hiking raises money that will give CF patients HOPE then it’s all been worth it.

Debra, thank you so much for your support – it means so much to Di and I.  And glad you're enjoying the blog!  I need to find more time to write!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

6 Weeks Until the Big Hike

Now that I’ve recovered from the Three Ridges hike, I thought I’d give everyone an update of our fundraising progress....

We’re six weeks away from the Big Hike, and we’re over HALFWAY to our $5,000 goal.  We’ve had some amazing support from our friends and family, and we’re so appreciative of their donations.  In addition to the individual contributions, we’ve received some help from local businesses too…

Sweet Frog on Staples Mill Road (in Glen Allen) hosted a Spirit Night on Wednesday, August 14.  We enjoyed an amazing humidity-free August evening with a few bowls of frozen yogurt and some very special guests.  Faith Miller, our inspiration for hiking, was there with her family and even brought us an autographed copy of her book.   Eight years ago, Faith was a fourth grader in Di's class-- and had just been diagnosed with CF.  In a few weeks, she'll be starting her senior year of high school, and our fingers are crossed that she'll end up at Randolph Macon College-- so she'll be close enough to babysit our girls.  And if anyone knows Joshua Jackson...can they PLEASE introduce him to Faith?!

Faith & the girls enjoying some sweets

We really enjoyed hanging out with the Millers, and I’m hoping to get one of Faith’s parents on the trail for the 2014  Xtreme Hike.

Our Inspiration

Corey (our coach) and his mother joined us after a day at Redskins training camp—we really appreciated his effort to make it out there despite our on-going trust issues (see last post). My cousin Trey and his family, the Lions (who were also at Redskins camp), and my co-worker Cassie (aka: the person who puts up with me all day long) joined us for yogurt too.  There was a huge crowd…and fingers crossed they were there to support CFF.
Buffalo Wild Wings in Short Pump will be hosting TWO Spirit Nights on Wednesday, August 28 and Wednesday, September 18.  10-15% of the proceeds will benefit the hike.  The first night will benefit our fundraising, and the 2nd night will benefit Meg and Genevieve’s fundraising.  Meg and Genevieve are cousins—and Meg’s brother is a CF patient and fellow Vandy alumn (check out his blog post here).

Toast New AmericanGastropub (in the Near West End) will be hosting a ‘Toast to RVA’ Charity Night on Monday, September 30.  10% of ALL sales will go towards our hike.

The West End Farmer’sMarket is donating a space to us on Saturday, September 14.  We’ll be setting up a tent to sell lemonade, baked goods, and hot sauce.  It’ll be a fun way to involve the girls in our hike!

The owners of BoldRock Hard Cider donated a case of cider to our post-hike celebration.

Luck Stone made a donation to the hike and will be matching 100% of its employees’ donations... and if they want to give me a fat raise, I'll donate part of it to the hike!

If you'd like to make a personal donation, please click on the box below!

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